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How it Works - Brickop

Real Estate investing:

Earn passive income by investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing is a fantastic way to generate supplemental income with little effort.

Renting remains the preferred option among people of all ages and lifestyles, especially millennials, which makes real estate investments a wise choice now more than ever. Whether you’re a full-time worker searching for extra income on the side, or someone looking for a better way to earn a living, real estate investing is a viable solution.

Introducing BrickOp:

Real Estate Investments Made Easy

With BrickOp, we make the entire process of investing in real estate seamless and easy. In fact, you can have your real estate business up and going in just three easy steps.

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  1. Select a turnkey unit for you.

    The investments we have available are in prime condition with amenities tenants love. Even better, they’re already stocked with paying renters!

Lock in the current market price
  1. Put 5% down to lock in the current market price.

    Pay a small, manageable sum of only $1,000 per month until you reach your 20% down payment. Then, grab a mortgage for the remainder later on.

Start collecting your monthly rental income
  1. Collect your monthly rental income.

    Three cheers for instant cash flow! A highly-vetted tenant is already living in the unit you choose, which means you’ll start collecting passive income on day one.

BrickOp Bonuses

Instant Cash Flow

With the BrickOp business model, you’ll begin collecting cash right away. How can we be so sure? Our properties already have paying renters living in them.

We jumpstart your return on investment by giving investors the opportunity to take on properties that are already generating income.

Beyond that, we screen our tenants thoroughly so that you can enjoy a working relationship with low-risk tenants only. That’s instant ROI in your investment!

Property Management Fee

Our property management partner offers a 4% management fee available to BrickOp investors only.
(Other PM companies charge between 8% - 12%)

Other Benefits of a BrickOp Investment

We could talk for days about the numerous benefits of investing in the BrickOp real estate plan. Here are a few of them:

  • No time spent hunting for high-quality, paying tenants. We did that for you already.
  • The option to buy more than one unit and boost your monthly income (bulk discount included).
  • A passive income stream with low overhead for your business investment. Access to several new tax benefits.
  • A safe investment for your money that remains unassociated with the volatile stock market.
  • A sure-fire way to build equity.
  • Tailored BrickOp assistance to sell your property for a profit, if desired. An average of 95% ROI for those who rent the unit for eight years, then sell the unit.

See why condos are a Smart Investment Opportunity!

Pecos Flats Condos

1513 West 70th Avenue, Denver, Colorado

BrickOp is now offering a prime 10-unit mixed-use property.

Great, northwest Denver location with easy access to Boulder Turnpike/US 36 and Downtown Denver.

  • Units:


  • Cap Rate from:

    Cap Rate from:

  • Starting at:

    Starting at:

  • Neighborhood:


Project Details

When opportunity knocks...

Your dream life is knocking on your door.

Dive into the real estate investment business today while units are still available. Qualified BrickOp agents are standing by to guide you through the process.

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Why we ask this?

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