• Initial Deposit:
    The non-refundable amount that you pay to BrickOp upon reserving the unit of your choice. Your deposit money is put towards your down payment on your mortgage.
  • List Price:

    The current price of the unit for purchase in today’s market conditions.

  • Down Payment due by:
    The amount of time you have to gather the total Down Payment Amount in order to purchase the unit at the current list price.
  • Purchase Price:
    The amount you will pay to purchase the unit at any point in the first 30 months after putting down your initial deposit.
  • Down Payment Percentage:
    The estimated percent of the list price that you will need after 30 months in order to take out a mortgage and purchase the unit.
  • Down Payment Amount:
    The estimated amount of money that you will need after 30 months in order to take out a mortgage and purchase the unit.
  • Current Rent:
    The estimated current monthly rental income paid by the current tenant of this unit that you will receive once you purchase the unit.
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment:
    The estimated amount you are expected to pay on a monthly basis to your mortgage lender toward the purchase of your unit. This estimate includes what you owe on your principal and interest on your mortgage as well as homeowners insurance and property taxes.
  • Annualized Return:
    The estimated percentage of the amount of money you are expected to earn on your investment in this unit on an annual basis.
  • Monthly Property Management Fee:
    The estimate amount you will be expected to pay BrickOp’s property management partner to maintain and ensure your investment is well cared for.
  • Cap Rate:
    Also known as passive income, this is the estimated rate of return on your investment based upon the income the unit is expected to generate.
  • Gross Yield:
    Calculated before any expenses, this an estimate of the rate of the unit’s total income it will generate compared to the unit’s initial purchase price of the unit.
  • Appreciation:
    Also known as net yield, this is the estimated total amount of money you will make on your investment after all expenses such as taxes, maintenance, insurance, and one-off fees.
  • Example of unit sale in 8 years:
  • Original Price:
  • Estimated Sale Price in 8 years:
  • Sales commission:
    (-/red) When selling real estate, both the selling and buying real estate agents receive a commission for their work on the purchase/sale of the property. This is typically paid by the seller of the unit at the time of the sale and is deducted from the sale price.
  • Prepaid mortgage credit:
    (-/red) The amount of the mortgage that is still outstanding meaning this number will be deducted from the sale price and paid back to the mortgage lender.
  • Utility for sale:
    (+green) The total amount of money you will receive after selling the unit in 8 years.
  • Buyer Investment:
    The total amount of money you have invested to the unit. This includes your initial deposit, down payment, and monthly mortgage payments since closing.
  • Net Income:
    The total profit you receive on the unit after all your expenses.
  • IRR:
    Internal Rate of Return (IRR): the calculated percentage of interest you would earn on each dollar you invested in the unit.
  • ROI:
    Return on Investment (ROI): the total percentage gain generated on your investment relative to the amount of money invested.
  • * 8 years from the time you signed the contract with BrickOp:
    8 years from the time you signed the contract with BrickOp
  • Monthly Cash Flow:
    Amount of money left after paying the mortgage and all expenses of the condo.
  • Monthly Income:
    The estimated amount of money you will receive monthly from the tenant occupying the unit.
  • Monthly Mortgage:
    The estimated amount of money you are required to pay your mortgage lender on a monthly basis.
  • Cash Flow:
    The estimated difference between your monthly income and your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Insurance monthly:
    The estimated amount of money you will pay for homeowner’s insurance on your unit.
  • Property management fee monthly:
    The estimated amount of money you will pay to the BrickOp property management partner on a monthly basis to cover things like building maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, trash and recycling, as well as to have someone manage your unit and find tenants.
  • Taxes monthly:
    The estimated amount of federal and state taxes you owe on a monthly basis on your unit.
  • Net Cash Flow:
    The estimated total amount of money you will receive as passive income on a monthly basis after all expenses on your unit have been accounted for.
  • Rental Terms:
    The length of the lease agreement in month or years.
  • Rent:
    The estimated monthly price that a tenant will pay to rent your unit.
  • Application Fee:
    The estimated one-time application fee for a tenant to apply to live in your unit. This fee will go directly to your property management firm that is responsible for finding a qualified tenant.
  • Security Deposit:
    The estimated security deposit the tenant will pay before moving into your unit. This amount will be refundable to the tenant upon moving out as long as the unit be left in proper condition.
  • Available:
    When the unit is available for rent.

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Pecos Flats Condos

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Great, northwest Denver location with easy access to Boulder Turnpike/US 36 and Downtown Denver.

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