How did the BrickOp Dream begin

After the boom of buying apartments as an investment and the success obtained by Capitalizame, a Chilean start up that open the real estate market for new investors; Gabriel Cid, CEO of the company decided to travel to USA in search of new inspiration to make the market grow.

To take this step was a risk, but also unavoidable: up to this moment the company, created in 2013 had dealt in over 255 million dollars and sold over 100 different projects, which represents over 3400 departments. Nevertheless, Gabriel’s gut told him that there was more out there to be gained in this growing economy.

After visiting five cities (Miami, San Francisco, New York, Denver and Dallas) he discovered that department rent was extremely expensive, rounding $700’’, but his surprise was even bigger when he tried to buy a department, it was not for sale. But why not?

In the United States there are crowdfunding that create Residential Rent Funds. They buy buildings and thus, as a community, are able to take better care of the property with the common goal to rent out every department.

According to Gabriel’s calculations, in Chile, over 60% of the apartments priced below 3000 UF (120.000 dollars) are bought as an investment. The profile of the investor these days is a young professional who’s average age is between 25 and 35, and is focused on building a better future for him or herself within the next 15 to 20 years. Financially they are very healthy: should have no debt and be capable of saving between 25% and 35% of their salary.

BrickOp offers a new way of investing in real estate. It’s designed for first-time and experienced real estate investors who want to enter the real estate market without having to learn the complexities of it. Whether a real estate newbie or a seasoned investor, our mission is to minimize the headaches and time required to research, identify and purchase rental property. It also gives individual investors the option of paying the down payment on their mortgage over the course of up to 30 months.

This is added to the fact that BrickOp administrates the buildings and this way can assure the maintenance of the assets, so the value does not drop over the years. As we are focused on buildings made for investors, we are also focused on maintaining the value of the buildings and gaining the upper hand on the competition: facilities working perfectly at the same price you might find under an administration that will surely give you more than a few problems.

The BickOp dream, in a few words, is to give our clients the best real estate opportunities through our investment model.

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