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We know real estate. In fact, we’ve made it easier than ever to invest.

Here at BrickOp, we believe real estate investing should be accessible to everyone. So we partnered with the Silva-Markham property management team to implement a whole new way to do just that. We’ve designed a process that allows moderate-income investors to buy property and grow their wealth by leveraging Colorado and the United State’s thriving real estate market.

Our approach is simple. We hunt for profitable properties with existing tenants, so you don’t have to. Then, we strike a bulk purchasing deal so you can enter the real estate investment business without sacrificing an arm and a leg.

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Meet our strategic partners:

Gabriel Cid

Gabriel Cid

Gabriel Cid, is the Founder of Capitalizarme.com and Brickop.com, where he proves that first-time investors can earn a sizable income with only moderate money down. Applying his innovative and inclusive approach to property ownership, he currently leads the technological revolution of real estate investing in South America. Mr. Cid maintains the largest portfolio of investors who have purchased more than 5,300 condo units in South America since 2013. BrickOp.com was recently named one of the fastest-growing startups in the Latin American region, with more than USD$492 million worth of properties invested and sold to date.

Now, Mr. Cid has set his sights on the United States, hoping to introduce American residents and investors to profitable investment opportunities like he did in Chile. While he’s currently located in Denver, Colorado, this is only the beginning of his mission.

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Diego García

Alfonso Silva

Alfonso Silva is the President and CEO of Silva-Markham Partners, a Denver-based Property Management Company dedicated to providing superior service to residents and investors. Alfonso began his 30-year career in property management on-site before rising quickly into leadership roles that have helped shape Silva-Markham’s unique property management principles. His detailed knowledge of LIHTC (Section 42 tax credit), market rate/conventional, HUD and mixed-use properties allow him to claim more than 15 successful tax credits and conventional lease-ups on new construction and rehab conversion communities. Mr. Silva is committed to quality service, implementing the use of the most advanced, efficient communications, monitoring systems and equipment into the Silva-Markham business model.

Mr. Silva leverages his knowledge of Colorado, California, and Texas markets to also lend a hand with corporate marketing initiatives, lender and investor relationships, and most importantly, making sense of dynamic economic trends and appropriate real estate strategies.

Silva Markham Partners

The numbers speak for themselves

  • More than 110 buildings purchased throughout Chile since 2013.
  • Over 5,300 condo units sold to more than 3,300 happy clients.
  • Investment properties generated more than USD$ 492 million so far.
  • Ranked as one of the fastest-growing startups in Latin America.
Silva-Markham Partners
  • Operate 37 profitable buildings and 2,000 units with nearly $17 million in annual property rental payments.
  • Manage a portfolio of properties valued at $215 million after just four years in operation.
  • Over 30 years of experience in real estate sales and administration across the U.S.
  • Leaders in the property management field throughout Metro Denver and Durango, Colorado.

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Investing in Condos is the ultimate opportunity for rental property income

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Pecos Flats Condos

1513 West 70th Avenue, Denver, Colorado

BrickOp is now offering a prime 10-unit mixed-use property.

Great, northwest Denver location with easy access to Boulder Turnpike/US 36 and Downtown Denver.

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