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BrickOp’s latest investment opportunity is a must see!

Pecos Flats Condos

1513 West 70th Avenue, Denver, Colorado

BrickOp is now offering a prime 10-unit mixed-use property.

Great, northwest Denver location with easy access to Boulder Turnpike/US 36 and Downtown Denver.

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Project Details

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Value proposition 1
Reserve your unit with a 5% deposit

Then, take up to 30 months to make the 20% down payment on your mortgage.

Value proposition 2
Pay only $1,000 per month

No tricks, no gimmicks, only $1,000 per month. With our unique real estate investment platform, YOU win.

Value proposition 3
Profit from current tenants

With us, your tenants already exist. They pay rent, too! Don’t waste valuable time or money searching for quality occupants.

Value proposition 4
Property Management Fee

Our property management partner offers a 4% management fee available to BrickOp investors only.
(Other PM companies charge between 8% - 12%)

Why invest in real estate?

  • You’ll own a tangible asset.
  • You’ll build long-term wealth.
  • You’ll buy with leverage.
  • You’ll enjoy greater tax benefits.
  • You’ll earn passive income from day one.
  • You’ll benefit from inflation hedging.
  • You’ll diversify your investment portfolio.
  • You’ll remain unassociated with the volatile stock market.
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We’ll set you up with a vetted, local property manager and continue working with you to ensure your investment is firing on all cylinders.

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